Alan Bowyer, PRiMO Company Director –

At the age of 12 Alan bought a ‘Super 8’ cine camera and started to make films with his friends. He would cut and splice the film together manually and thoroughly enjoyed spending his weekends making short films.


Now, in his forties, the digital age offers a lot more possibilities. No longer does he have to wait for the film to come back from the developers. Now he can produce high quality, fully edited and authored DVD’s from his ‘Mac’.

Alan Bowyer formed PRiMO Video Productions at the turn of the new millennium, pursuing a life-long dream to make films and work in the visual arts. Since this time he has made many films of theatre productions, workshop documentaries, show reels and corporate videos.

He has witnessed many beautiful things through the lens; The Pyramids of Giza, The Eiffel Tower, Boston Bay, a pool of sea lions and the bustling streets (and river) of London are just a few to mention.

He’s also been asked to film some wonderfully weird things; a puppet on the rides at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, a coven of witches, a ‘duck tour’ in Boston, a camel called George in Cairo to name some examples.

He has also had his brush with celebrity, filming Michael Aspel, Ron Moody, Miranda Richardson, Juliet Stevenson and Alan Rickman to ‘name drop’ only a handful. He has also written and recorded voice overs with the likes of Sir Ben Kingsley and Jane Asher.

In 2009 he completed work on ‘The Magic of AMICI’ – a documentary and practical, visual guide to the work and practices of AMICI Dance Theatre Company. It premiered at The Riverside Studios in Hammersmith and is his proudest achievement. Using archive footage from over 30 years of history and new footage he was able to successfully capture the ‘magic’ of an inspirational company. It was a true labour of love.

He has built up a strong client base over the years through the power of ‘word of mouth’ and has become known for his love of the format and his professionalism. His work allows his creative interests that existed when he was 12 to keep on existing. His love for film and the media is as strong now as it was then.